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Artistic Masterpiece comes to the College – 23 May 2010

A painting of the mystery of Pentecost took its place in the College on Whit Sunday, 23rd May 2010..

The finished painting
Copyright © The College of St Barnabas, 2010
pentecost sketch
The initial sketch

When artist James Lynch visited the College to see the hanging of his Stations of the Cross, he offered his existing painting of the Coming of the Holy Spirit to be positioned after the depiction of the Resurrection.

But it wouldn’t fit in the intended space! So James spontaneously offered to paint a new picture for the College of the moment when, with the sound of a rushing mighty wind, things which looked like flames alighted on the disciples as the Holy Spirit was poured upon them.

With the agreement of the Friends to fund the project, work began in Spring 2009. By the summer the preliminary sketches were complete and James had embarked on a small colour study before starting work on the full size canvas.

The picture was complete in time for the great Festival of the Holy Spirit, when it was blessed by the Warden at the end of Mass.



pentecost artist

The artist with a colour study in his studio


To read more about the work of the Friends,click here


Published Date: 23rd May 2010
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Distinguished Guests visit College at CRE

Adrian Plass took time out from his busy schedule at the Christian Resources Exhibition to join hundreds keen to learn more about life at the College.

Adrian Plass relaxes with the Warden

“The College is doing a great job and I am keen to visit it as soon as I can,” he said. The Christian writer, broadcaster and humourist came to the College stand during a day of interviews, soundbites, a seminar and a book-signing.

“My wife and I are really concerned that those retiring from ministry should receive the best possible care and I am looking forward to seeing at first hand the College’s wonderful work,” he enthused.

The Warden meets Fr Neil Down


Another famous visitor was the Revd Neil Down (right).

The well known media personality was accompanied by his entourage, Peter and Diane Hellyer from One Way UK.

As well as meeting the Warden, Fr Down filmed part of his eagerly awaited documentary about CRE at our stand. “You may think I’m too young to be looking at a place to retire,” he said, “but what I say is: it’s never too soon to plan!”

Peter and Diane are going to bring Fr Down along with some of his other colleagues to visit the College later in the year.


Published Date: 14th May 2010
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