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Wives of the Bible come to the College

On 18th September, actress Abby Guinness captivated a packed audience as she delved into the stories of the great men of the Bible, through the eyes of the women who had to put up with them..

Abby Guinness
Autographing copies of her book
As “Miss Shepherd”
A packed house

With monologues in the persons of people from both the Old and New Testaments, such as Mrs Zacchaeus, Mrs Potiphar and Miss Shepherd (right), she reflected on the transforming power of the Christian faith.

The audience were clearly moved by the tragedy and frustration of Mrs Pilate, whose plea to her husband went unheeded, and the clergy wives in the audience especially rejoiced in the satirical comments of Mrs Caiaphas.

After the performance, enthusiastic members of the audience were able to meet Abby and share their own experiences in ministry. They were also able to buy copies of her book, The Word of the Wives (below right), from which the monologues are taken.

More information about Abby’s work can be found on her website, .











Published Date: 18th September 2010
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Dame Judi Dench – Photographer!

College Patron Dame Judi Dench paid a lightning visit on 2nd September to lend her support to our part in Legacy Awareness Week..

Dame Judi captures the moment
Care in the nursing wing
Photographing in the library

The international star took a series of photographs that will feature in the Legacies Through a Lens exhibition, organised by Remember A Charity, which takes place at the Oxo Tower on London’s South Bank.

Dame Judi was delighted to fit the “photoshoot” into her hectic schedule as she wanted to demonstrate her admiration for and commitment to the life of the College.

Meeting Residents and photographing them for the exhibition, Dame Judi was impressed with the stories of their ministry.

“It’s a wonderful place,” she said. “When you walk in what is so striking is the sense of light and the sight of people laughing and talking and interacting with each other. This really makes it very special.”

The exhibition will run from 13th to 20th September before touring throughout the country.

To find out more about the work  of Remember A Charity, click here. remember us in your will


Published Date: 2nd September 2010
Category: Events, News