Registered Charity No. 205220


College Launches Urgent Appeal

Your Help is urgently needed

We need your help urgently. As you may know, the College of St. Barnabas has for more than 100 years has been quietly and effectively carrying out its life-changing and sometimes life-saving work.

Originally established thanks to donations from Victorian philanthropists, the College is open to all Anglicans. The people we work with have quite complex long-term healthcare and social welfare needs, are frequently among the “oldest old” i.e. over 85 years of age, and are among the most vulnerable in society. They are often lonely, afraid and feel very isolated, often in declining health and frequently have complex care and support needs.

We never turn people away on grounds of cost but it is a harsh reality that without our charity, many of our residents would be homeless, afraid and alone, their life bounded by the walls of a hospital ward or the confines of some other anonymous institution. In fact, never having had the opportunity to save for their old age they find themselves caught in the funding gap in which social security pays just a fraction of the true cost of providing the care these frail, vulnerable and infirm people so desperately need. Despite this, we refuse to abandon them.

As a result, the College currently faces a shortfall in income of roughly £10,000 a month. Nonetheless we cannot and will not turn our back on the sickest, the poorest and the weakest among us.

That’s why we urgently need your help. You can best do this by setting up a regular standing order from your bank account to ours. This is not only a convenient way for you to give your support but it also helps keep our costs down. Most importantly, you are helping us with the regular, predictable income needed to provide the care that is so desperately needed by these frail, vulnerable and infirm people. You can download the Standing Order & Gift Aid Form here. Simply fill it in, send it to us at our FREEPOST address and we’ll do the rest.

We do honestly understand that some people are simply unable to set up a standing order while others do not want to enter into that sort of commitment with us. If you prefer to give by cheque or by CAF Voucher (or similar “charity cheque”) please make it payable to The College of St. Barnabas and send it to our FREEPOST address.  Alternatively you can donate through JustGiving.

If your donations are eligible for Gift Aid, please do complete the appropriate section of the downloadable Standing Order & Gift Aid Form, and return it to us by post or as an email attachment.

If you use online banking, you can usually set up standing orders directly with your bank and make one-off donations as well. You can get our bank details by downloading the Standing Order & Gift Aid Form. If you decide to help in this way, please do let us know that you have done it – a simple email is fine – so that we can set up the appropriate records and check eligibility for Gift Aid.

Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and consideration.