The Council of the College

The Council is the governing body of the College. Its members are trustees of the charity and also directors for the purposes of the Companies Act 2006.

Chairman Rev David Williams Elected April 2021
Vice-Chairman  Mr Keith Luckhoo…… Re-elected May 2020
Treasurer Mr Martyn (Willy) Williams Elected April 2021
Ex-Officio  The Venerable Moira Astin, Archdeacon of Reigate  
Member Mr Adrian Johnson Elected April 2021
Member Mr Peter Beynon Elected March 2018
Member Mr Richard Diggory  Elected March 2018
Member Rev David Ivorson Elected April 2021
Member Dr Eileen Phillips Elected May 2020
Member Mr  Anthony Proctor Re-elected March 2017
Member Mrs Cynthia Taylor Elected March 2018
Member Rev Jane Edwards Elected April 2021
Seconded Member Dr Ursula Hodges Seconded May 2021
Clerk to the Council    Mrs Judy Bailey Appointed May 2020
Chief Executive
Mr Monty Erskine Appointed October 2021
Chaplain Rev Derek Chandler Appointed July 2021