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Fr Neil Down Brings Upbeat Puppets to the College

The Revd Neil Down, who first met the Warden at CRE in May visited the College on 16th October with Peter and Diane Hellyer of Upbeat Puppets.

16.10.2010 puppets
Neil Down (left) in performance
Vocalist Desmond with the backing duo
Vocalist Desmond with the backing duo
16.10.2010 puppets2
The band plays on
16.10.2010 puppets4
Love conquers all………..eventually

During the performance, Fr Neil revealed his musical talent, accompanying one of the accomplished vocalists on the keyboard (see left). “It is a great pleasure to be here at the College,” he enthused, “and I am thrilled that so many of my friends have been able to join me.”

A moving moment came when a small finger puppet tried to bring consolation to a distraught girl (below right), who was eventually won over, not by his well meant gifts of flowers, chocolates or money, but of his love, revealing God’s love for her also.

As well as entertaining the audience with a sequence of musical items, Peter and Diane spoke of how their ministry with puppets enables them to engage with a wide range of different groups. They also gave a brief demonstration of the practical techniques used in performance.

Delighted to have visited the College, they are looking forward to returning, with Fr Neil of course, in 2011.