Registered Charity No. 205220

Become a Local Representative of the College

Local representative 1

The College is building a network of Local Representatives around the country. If you believe that the work of the College is worthy of your support, will you join them?

Local representative 2
Our Local Representatives are people who care about our work and want to motivate others in their local area to support us. Their role is very straightforward:

  • to encourage people to pray regularly for the College
  • to inspire them to support the College by their giving
  • to recommend the College to those who may be eligible to become residents and who would benefit from living here
Local Representatives are encouraged to meet together with others in their area and are always welcome at special occasions at the College. The Warden is always willing to visit your area, subject to his other commitments, to help in bringing more people to know about and support the College
If you are interested in becoming part of this important development in the College’s life, please contact the Warden directly, either by phone or email, to discuss this further.