Registered Charity No. 205220

Pray For Us

We also need the support of your prayers

We also need the support of your prayers

The most important support that you can give us is to pray regularly for the work of the College. Please also ask your local congregation to do so.

The College is a community gathered around prayer. Those who live here have worshipped and worked in Christian churches all over the world and we pray regularly for the places where they have served.

We are always willing to offer the intercessions of those who ask us. You can leave a request for prayer.

8.00am  Holy Communion  (Common Worship Order 1)
10.30am  Holy Communion  (Wednesday, Sunday and Festivals, BCP;
 Monday and Friday, rite chosen by the President)
6.00pm  Evensong  (BCP; Saturday & Sunday, sung; Festivals, solemn)