Accommodation – The Nursing Wing

A Nursing Care Room

             A Nursing Care Room

This facility, which is run by our Matron and staffed by her team of Nursing Sisters and Carers, gives the opportunity for most Residents to remain at the College for the rest of their lives.

Two levels of care are available in the Nursing Wing and Cloister Residents have the highest priority when applying for rooms here.

For those who need the extra support and assurance of carers to help with bathing, dressing and personal needs, Residential Care is offered in spacious rooms with en suite bathrooms. Fully trained carers are on hand 24 hours a day to assist with both routine and urgent requirements.



         A Residential Care room

Residents who receive Residential Care often take breakfast in their rooms but are encouraged to eat lunch and supper in the smaller of the two Refectories.

Residents who have greater healthcare needs are offered full Nursing Care. These rooms are closest to the Matron’s office and are under continuous, close supervision. Most overlook the balconies and enjoy views across the quadrangle.

There is a Residents’ lounge in the Nursing Wing to which all those who live here have access. The two lifts ensure that those who have reduced mobility are still able to move freely around the College. Television, telephone and internet points are fitted in all rooms throughout the Nursing Wing.

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