Visitors for Residents – Update 30 November 2020

We are continuing with visits for nominated visitors, from Wednesday 2 December until Sunday 31 January. This date and format could change, should there be any updated Government guidelines. Only those who have been nominated by our residents will be able to book online, and they have details of…

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Published Date:17th June 2020


CORONAVIRUS – Please read

Please be assured that the College has taken all necessary measures to protect the health and well-being of our Residents and staff during these challenging times. These include making the difficult decision to close the College to all but essential visitors, including family visits, and non-essential external trips for…

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Published Date:3rd April 2020


Support our Fundraising Manager in his Sponsored Walk for the College

The College of St Barnabas 1895 – 2020 : 125 years of caring for Anglicans This year marks the 125th anniversary of the founding of the College of St. Barnabas by a former Missionary, Canon William Cooper, who spent most of his ministry in New Zealand, in the Australian outback…

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Published Date:5th February 2020


Please read our 2019 Christmas Appeal 2019 and donate via JustGiving

Our Christmas Appeal is now live on JustGiving  We care for people like Peggy – the widow of a Clergyman – pictured below celebrating her 100th birthday at the College, and have been doing so for almost 125 years. We also care for people like Fr. Barry…

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Published Date:4th December 2019


Save the Date! The College of St Barnabas Heritage Open Day Saturday September 21st – 10.00 to 16.00

The College of St Barnabas reaches its 125th anniversary of foundation next year, and will be holding its first Heritage Open Day on Saturday, September 21st from 10.00 to 16.00. Visitors will have a chance to visit one of Surrey’s hidden…

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Published Date:1st August 2019


Our Christmas Appeal fromTimothy West, CBE

Christmas Appeal from Timothy West and our Request for your Help Like you, I am proud to support the work of the College of St. Barnabas and was therefore delighted to be asked to play a part in their…

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Published Date:12th December 2018


Latest News – Remember a Charity and CRE 2018

Remember A Charity in Your Will Week Sept 10 – 16  Try out HUMAN, the Charity-powered search engine at www.humansearchengine.org. Contact us for your free Will Guide Free admission to CRE Sandown Park 16 – 18 October Save £8 per person by getting your complimentary tickets…

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Published Date:12th September 2018


“Mind the Gap” – Our Summer Appeal

The College of St Barnabas was originally established to provide destitute, elderly and infirm Clergy – and in particular returning missionaries – with an alternative to life in the workhouse or to life on the streets. It was our founder’s response to “for the poor always ye have with…

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Published Date:14th August 2018


Please join Rowan Williams and support our Christmas Appeal

“No-one eligible is ever turned away for want of means” You won’t see them on the street, sitting down facing the door of a fast food restaurant, huddled in a dark doorway or down on the pavement in front of a busy shop, but there are very poor elderly people,…

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Published Date:13th December 2017


Video – Rowan Williams in Support of our Christmas Appeal 2017

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Published Date:8th November 2017