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Our Christmas Appeal fromTimothy West, CBE

Christmas Appeal from Timothy West and our Request for your Help

Like you, I am proud to support the work of the College of St. Barnabas and was therefore delighted to be asked to play a part in their 2018 Christmas Appeal. 

I feel fortunate to have visited the College on a number of occasions, to have met some of the Residents and, indeed, to have had the chance to get together with some of our fellow supporters.

I discovered that those of us who help the College are always as amazed as I am at just how efficiently the College goes about its business of caring for some of the oldest, frailest and most vulnerable people in the Anglican community with such respect, with such compassion and in such dignity.

Like many other supporters of the College, I have over the past year been truly inspired by Fr. George Wood’s incredible story of courage and survival and I take personal pride in the fact that we – as College supporters – are able to help George and other College Residents in their time of need.

I feel a sense of privilege to be in some small way a part of and connected to this truly unique caring community whose dedicated staff and volunteers are able, thanks to committed help from ourselves as supporters, to make a huge difference to the lives of the elderly Church people in their care.

I hope that you, too, feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing that it is only our help that makes possible this amazing and incredibly important work to care for those most in need. Through the help we give we are transforming the lives of people in need, and the College relies on our increasing fundraising help more than ever if it is to keep pace with present day demand.

That’s why, as a fellow supporter of the College, I’m proud to put my name to the request to you for your help, which you can read on our JustGiving page and donate easily at the same time.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yours very sincerely,