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Support our Fundraising Manager in his Sponsored Walk for the College

The College of St Barnabas 1895 – 2020 : 125 years of caring for Anglicans

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the founding of the College of St. Barnabas by a former Missionary, Canon William Cooper, who spent most of his ministry in New Zealand, in the Australian outback and in the wilderness of Canada before returning in poverty and poor health to the UK. He pleaded with CMS in vain for help, describing himself as “a broken man” as a result of the physical hardships he had endured. Back in Britain, he came across other former missionaries and older Clergy living in abject poverty and ill-health, most notably in the Brighton Workhouse, and he determined to do something to alleviate their suffering.

The College is financially independent of the Church of England, and pre-dates Church of England Pensions Board Homes. This independence means we have to actively raise funds in order to achieve our charitable aims and objectives, and our 125th anniversary gives a great opportunity both to increase awareness of the College and to bring in some cash. A number of events are being planned throughout 2020 to mark this impressive milestone.

Mike Herbert, the College’s Head of Fundraising, is leading by example and doing a 125km sponsored walk from Gravesend to Eastbourne at the end of March, whilst another member of the staff will be cycling 125 miles along the Pilgrim’s Way later in the year. Says Mike “ the College does a great job in helping vulnerable elderly people in need”. He continues “It is clearly worth supporting, and because of the continuing demand it needs our help as much now as it ever did in Cooper’s day”.

If you would like to help the College by sponsoring Mike, you can do so online by clicking on JustGiving. Thank you.