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Changing of the Guard

There have been some significant changes in recent months at the College of St Barnabas.

In April Rev David Williams was appointed as the new Chairman of the College Council. In our Autumn 2021 newsletter David said, ” I have always been interested to see how and why institutions have been founded and how their history and tradition can be expressed today in the context of church and society; and to see how the past, the present and our hope for the future can be melded into one vision, for the furtherance of the church’s ministry and mission.”

In July the first Chaplain was installed at the College, Rev Derek Chandler. Derek comes with multiple interests and is keen to understand how other societies view and are engaged with ageing and the elderly. He has already learned and is sharing a new word in his vocabulary from Spanish speaking countries where retirement is called Jubilación.

In October the new Chief Executive Officer, Monty Erskine, began at the College bringing his former experience as Director of Operations at All Souls Langham Place. In his first few months Monty is fully reviewing the life and operation of the College community.

Around the College there is a sense that new things are happening and that a new chapter is beginning as the community moves forward into the new year.

Rev Derek Chandler – December 2021