Registered Charity No. 205220

Security at an Unsettled Time

A place of security

The College has cared for retired Anglican Christians for over a century, but never has its ministry been needed more than in the present climate of economic austerity.

The advantages of living here are many:

  • You have the security of knowing that your home here is assured, whatever happens to your savings
  • If you already own a property, you can move to the College before it is sold, or place a retainer on accommodation here so that it is held for you until you are ready to arrive
  • It is even possible, if you wholly own your house, for costs to be recovered later from the sale
  • If you are approaching retirement, there is no need to negotiate the purchase of a property in a volatile market
  • Fluctuations in pension funds do not affect a person’s opportunity to live here
  • No one is prevented from becoming or remaining a Resident through lack of means

If, after exploring the pages of the website, you would like to discuss the advantages of living here in complete confidence, please contact the College by phone or email.

We are here to help in any way we can.