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29 Sep 2023

Robert Raikes

Watch the Video! 90 year old Robert Raikes undertakes a 10,000ft skydive to raise money for charity.

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18 Jun 2023

Labour Shortages

This is an extract from the House of Commons Library website dated 10th January 2023, on current Skills and Labour shortages in the UK:In September-November 2022, there were 1.19 million vacancies in the UK, similar to the number of unemployed people. Human health and social work had…

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08 Jun 2023

Debbie Thrower visits the College

Debbie and Greta Debbie Thrower, former journalist, television presenter, and founder of Anna Chaplaincy, visited the College of St Barnabas this week. Debbie and her husband, Charles, engaged with residents and…

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06 May 2023

Chaplain’s Thoughts on Coronation Day

At the age of 74, King Charles III is the oldest monarch to be crowned in this country. But as part of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation of the Post World War…

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09 Apr 2023

Lazarus Unbound

Christ is Risen I grew up with David Bowie. What I mean is I grew up listening to the music of David Bowie being played by my older siblings. Some…

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13 Feb 2023

100 Years Young!

Celebrating Liz’s 100th Birthday Congratulations to Liz as she celebrated her 100th birthday with her family along with residents and staff at the College of St Barnabas. Liz and…

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07 Feb 2023

Good News Indeed!

Michael and Monty Thank you to Michael, pictured with Monty, as the College receives from ‘Good News for Everyone’ (a.k.a:’Gideons’), a generous gift of 30 hardback copies of the New Testament with Psalms…

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29 Jan 2023

Our Founder is Found!

Canon William Henry Cooper (circa 1890) Canon William Henry Cooper founded the College of St Barnabas over 126 years ago. Until now we have not had a satisfactory image of him. But thanks…

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11 Jan 2023

Soul Music

A Quiet Space Reflection – ‘Soul Music’ I am sure you have heard of the saying, “Singing is good for the soul.” Health experts agree and here are the most common reasons…

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04 Jan 2023

We Have the Power!

We Have the Power! (‘A Quiet Space’ Reflection) Many of us have had to reconsider our energy usage in recent months. But it is estimated that over 3 billion…

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