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We Have the Power!

We Have the Power! (‘A Quiet Space’ Reflection)

Many of us have had to reconsider our energy usage in recent months. But it is estimated that over 3 billion people globally are living in places where their electricity usage is less than that of a single domestic refrigerator in one year.

Roughly 4 out of every 10 people on Earth live in an ‘unplugged’ world. The enormous gap in electricity usage matters because it is directly related to some of the world’s most vexing problems, including: Women’s Rights – Inequality – Climate Change.

Educate the mother and you educate the child. But mothers can’t get much education if they are constantly hauling water, fetching firewood, and washing clothes by hand. Every hour spent doing this is one missed in education.

Numerous studies have shown the positive effect electricity has on women and girls. A 2002 study in Bangladesh found that the literacy rate for females in villages with electricity was 31% higher than it was in villages that lacked electricity. It concluded electricity has a “…significant influence on education.” (Taken from an article by Robert Bryce of Forbes in 2020)

What does the phrase “We have the Power!”, mean in the light of the above? What can we change today?

“Bad times, hard times, this is what people keep saying: but let us live well and times shall be good. We are the times: Such as we are, such are the times!” (St Augustine of Hippo: circa 354-430 CE)

Chaplain – Rev Derek Chandler 4.1.23

‘A Quiet Space’ is a short time to stop and just be together .Consisting of simple music with a reflection. For anyone of any faith, no faith, or somewhere in between. In a 10,080 minute week, why not join a 20 minute community? Doing nothing together, however briefly, may just be what is needed. For any further enquiries please speak to the Chaplain.